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You Think The Big 4 Are Weird? The Mad World Of Governing Bodies

The question of “who is world champion” has no simple answer, and that has never been truer than today. Including the Big Four (The WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO) there are no fewer than 25 separate governing bodies, nearly all of which have “International”, “Global”, “Universal” or “World” in their …

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Stevenson and Jack Go to War In Toronto

Kane Heron vs Ivan Alvarez Kane Heron, home fighter and unbeaten hope fought Kevin McCauley on the undercard of Nick Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr in 2016. Fun fact. He stepped up in class over a scheduled eight rounds against Ivan Alvarez at super welterweight, and the switch hitting pair …

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Boxing Belts and Their Value – Part 2

Hopefully you’ve read Part One of this two part article about Boxing Belts available to British boxers and their value. If you haven’t, click here and go read it now! For those who have read it (and those who went and read it and are now re-joining us on part …

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Boxing Belts And Their Value – Part 1

If you’re a boxing fan and you’ve been to shows ranging from small hall to the big arena shows you’ll have noticed that there are many different titles that are fought for. This can get quite confusing as to which title means more than another, but luckily for you I’m …

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World Titles: Too Many Belts?

  Every fighter has a dream, and every fan wants to see his favourite fighter accomplish that dream. More often then not, that dream is the pinnacle of boxing, the dream to be crowned a world champion. From young boxers, those beginning their journey all the way up to those …

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