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Team Southpaw Jab’s Wadi Camacho and Ricky Heavens Both Victorious

Team Southpaw Jab members Wadi Camacho and Ricky Heavens were in action yesterday. Both turned out on the Hayemaker Ringstar and Goodwin Boxing show; headlined by Joe Joyce and Matthew Askin’s fights, which was live on Channel 5 and Sports Bible. Wadi, 20-7 (12), was defending his Southern Area cruiserweight title against former opponent Danny Couzens, 10-11-2 (2), and the spite had returned between them come press conference. Unbeaten Ricky, 5-0-1 (0) faced tough Jordan Grannum, 2-20 (0), who had never been stopped.

Heavens began brightly against Islington’s Grannum. Wary of a man who is always game, impossible thus far to halt, and who counter punches well. Ricky spent the first half of round one having a look, sensibly. Jordan, always happy on the outside, was patiently waiting. Toward the end of the first, well supported Heavens put his punches together a bit more, though always getting in and out of range whilst doing so. In the second, Heavens tried to up the pressure. Grannum covered up well, preventing the shots from hurting although they remained to score. However, the in and out, “boxing clever” approach was the most sensible one, and that which Ricky adopted for the remainder of the fight.

Trying to engage with a man who to the unconcerned onlooker may appear an easy win, but who is actually ever dangerous, as Ricky’s face testified post bout; is a fool’s errand. Wisely, Heavens boxed rather than fought, emerging a happy 40-37 points winner. Speaking after his win, the tall super welterweight told Southpaw Jab that Grannum was a, “very tough man… at one point I stepped in and landed three or four shots and he said, ‘Is that all you got?’. I’m not surprised no one’s ever stopped him.”

Next up for Ricky is hopefully either a six rounder (allowing him a Southern Area shot after winning) or a Challenge Belt bout. Keep an eye on Southpaw Jab for news of that, and dates of any fight, as Ricky marches towards titles.

At their first meeting in July 2016, Southern Area Cruiserweight champion Wadi Camacho forced Danny Couzens to be retired by his team after six rounds. Then Wadi, unafraid of anyone, fought highly rated Isaac Chamberlain for the same title. Unfortunately for him, dropping to a points loss. A good run of form for both fighters saw the rematch between he and Danny made, and an expectant York Hall crowd vociferously screaming for their fighter. Wadi seemed up for the fight in interviews prior to the bout, but would that transfer to his performance?

Both men started fighting southpaw, much to this website’s delight, but Couzens, who took the outside of the ring, switched when he could. A tentative first round ended with Camacho beginning to find the range with his jab. In the second Wadi threw some scoring big lefts down the middle, which Couzens made a show of not being phased by. As rounds went on it seemed to those ringside that all that was coming was a demolition job, with the one worry for Wadi that a Couzens winged, hurtful looking reply might find its mark. However those were thrown with diminishing spite and regularity.

Danny did have slightly more success in the third and fourth rounds, but only ever landed single shots from the ropes, as Wadi boxed carefully, spitefully at times and with a panache the crowd didn’t always love. In short, though, Wadi always looked in control. His teeing off on the ever brave Couzens in the fifth looked likely to end it, but needless showboating cost him a smack in the face and momentum. A reminder Danny wasn’t done.

The fight progressed as Wadi turned the screw. Increasingly confident and showcasing some lovely shots, an in and out style, and complete patience and belief in his work. Couzens’ punch gone, from round six onwards, there was only one winner. The only question was if Danny’s iron chin could go ten rounds. It probably could, but Wadi worked the body, and two successive knock-downs via that route in the ninth halted the brave Hampshire man. Wadi celebrated wildly, a dominant win, and now surely even bigger straps to be fought for.

Southpaw Jab is overjoyed to congratulate both Ricky and Wadi on their victorious performances, and add how proud we are of them. We will continue to support you, come rain, sleet or snow. #TeamSouthpawJab


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