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An SPJ Seasonal Beating: Whyte vs Chisora 2

The Southpaw Jab team enjoyed a night out at the rammed O2 in London for the “less serious” fan’s pick of the PPV cards on offer three days before Christmas. Being based in London, and having two Team Southpaw Jab fighters on the bill (plus our beloved Pester aiding and abetting the Body Snatcher), it was obvious where our money was going to go.

Boxing snobbery can take a back seat; it’s all about a night out. We had a great night out- and like flashbacks from Naam, here are our seared in, Agent Orange memories.

The main event has been well covered, but here are some moments from a busy night of fistic fury which will long stick in the memory of our team.

Chris Waddams

Kieran McCann is Jekyll and Hyde. The referee stopped Tom Little for taking two punches and never hitting the canvas, but let Senad Gashi take a pasting and hit the canvas three times before he called it off. Was there a word in his ear between fights?

#TeamSouthpawJab brought home the bacon, but Ian John Lewis must have really liked Bellotti’s shorts to give him the decision on his score cards.

Not separated with 20 full rounds of boxing, but what a finish by Dillian Whyte, he’s thrown a few peaches this year but that was one of the best to ruin “War” Chisora.

Charlie Edwards is, I think, our first Flyweight World Champion since Pat Clinton lost his WBO title back in the 1993 so that’s something to be happy with. Very happy.

Adam Thorn

Piss. A spraying, dousing, disgusting torrent of urine.

As someone who has spent a lot of time at the New Den, I know that we’re all in this together. At any moment those troughs were about to buckle; we all knew it. We all, having waited for half an hour, had to play piss Buckaroo.

Let smokers smoke. Give them a hideous, cancer and heart disease trough. Give them a room. Just don’t make the rest of us suffer the consequences. Sometimes, like Matchroom, venues give fans less than a second thought.

I have to go and clean my shoes… and laptop. Hands. Face. Relatives.

George Storr

Chisora’s reception was a stand out moment for me. Remarkable how much support he’s got off the back of the Takam win and re-branding as a nicer guy with religious faith.

Ryan Walsh’s performance also stood out. He looked leagues ahead of Bellotti at times and showed toughness, strength and skill.

Shane Watson (PSB Sports)

A very good win for Ryan Walsh, although Ian John Lewis should be disgusted with the scorecard he gave. Decisions like that can cost people their careers.

Tom Little’s stoppage was shocking and up there with some of the worst I’ve seen. Tom Little was well in that fight. Awful.

Takam: business as usual.

Unbelievable win for Edwards but I had that fight a lot closer than the scorecards again. [hmmmm- ED]

Buatsi, just wow. He looks a real problem for anyone at light heavy, can’t wait to see a massive 2019 for him.

Chisora versus Whyte- what can I say? Fireworks! Although Chisora believed too much of the hype from Haye… no heavyweight can load up like that for 12 rounds, no matter how fit you are. He got tired and got caught. Massive credit to Dillian, very good gameplan set by Mark Tibbs.

The toilets were outrageous- smoking and overfilling toilets other than that a great night of boxing.


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