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Big Write Hook: Launch Edition Review

We at Southpaw Jab love writing about boxing, we love watching boxing, obviously, and if you’re anything like us you’re constantly looking for more to read on the beautiful, brutal science, too. Well, our friends at Big Write Hook, who have been producing free, great looking online boxing magazines for a while, have made the bold move to a purchased, printed mag. They were kind enough to send us the special launch edition.

First impression of the magazine was its compact size and high quality of paper/ print. As Founder Lewis says amusingly in his welcome note, “don’t bin this mag when you’ve finished it, give it to one of your mates. The printers had my pants down on the price and I wouldn’t want to see it go to waste.” It was money well spent, Lewis.

Designer Ryan has been working very hard on the look, and Big Write Hook certainly feels unique. Littered with boxing related art and eye catching graphic design, the latter of which presumably serves the dual purpose of aesthetically pleasing and side stepping copyright issues. It is a smart move. The first issue has quite a dark pallet throughout, which is an observation not a criticism. The magazine is well laid out and belies its status as a first edition.

The writing, though. For £4.50 there are over twenty original articles and pieces of art. Writing by, if you know your stuff, top guys such as BWH Chief Writer Connor Hutton, Craig Scott of Fight Talk and the ever astute Sweet Scientist. There are some great pieces within this inaugural sixty pages of pugilism. Favourites of mine include: Blood in Boxing, a look at the effect of cuts on a fight and fighter, Craig’s look at internet trolls, and a look at religion’s relationship with the sport.

The boys at Big Write Hook have stuck their necks out, and it is to be lauded. Even keeping a website such as Southpaw Jab going is a monumental task. New voices, new ventures mean new opportunities for writers and greater exposure for our beloved sport. Well done guys, all the best for the future.

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