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Part of boxing’s beauty lies in its subjectivity, but that beauty is usually lost on the fighters involved in a close fight. Boxers rarely agree on who won a contest, but draws are even more contentious.

Unbeaten Southern Area Super Welterweight champion Sean Robinson took on a resurgent and dangerous John Brennan last weekend, the fight was scored even (95-95), but that’s far from the full story. The draw meant Sean is still the champion but we suspected there might be more to the result. Both sides were gracious enough to tell Southpaw Jab how they saw the fight, and it’s safe to say the teams did not agree on the outcome.

Here are both sides of the coin.


I was happy with my performance. After rewatching it on YouTube. I thought I boxed a clever fight over the 10 rounds and did more than enough to secure a win

I felt like the 1st round was mine, the 2nd and 3rd John’s and from then on on every round until the 10 th was mine, although John was plodding forward being the aggressor, I just found that my work was cleaner, classier work off the back foot, aggression Is only one way to score a round, I made him miss on numerous occasions where I turned him and he punched thin air.

I felt all the rounds were competitive but from the 3rd round I can’t see how John can be given any round up until the last,. The fight is on YouTube and every one can make their own decisions about the fight but I feel like I won 7 rounds and to 3, and at worst 6-4, but like I said have a sit down and watch and people can make their own decision.

I don’t understand people who can’t accept opinion, the whole concept of scoring is based on people opinions so there’s always gonna be people who have you win and lose, just it’s much nicer to have more people say you won!

I’m not complaining about the draw it is what it is, if you score clean boxing and clean punching I feel like there’s only one winner, but respect to John- he’s a good fighter and wish him all the best for the future. One thing I can say is that we both put on a great performance for the Southern Area Title and both proved that we’re ready to mix it with anyone at English or British level in my opinion.


John bullied him for 10 rounds, completely controlled the pace – out jabbed him, out everything, out hustled him on the inside and outside, body shots. He nearly had him over twice, buzzed him four times and in the last round Robinson was out on his feet! Staggering around the ring from a shot. I don’t know how it was a draw, it’s ridiculous.

I was over the moon with John’s performance! Everything I said to John in the corner, everything we had worked on over the time we’ve been together he did perfect. I could not have been any prouder of his performance, it was unreal. He worked for every second of every round except the rounds I told him to have off because he was due to have them off.

John beat that kid on Saturday night – hands down in every department; body shots, head shots, head movement, beating him to the punch, overpowered him.

Steve Goodwin asked me in the changing rooms after “do you really think you won that?”. I felt like saying “is that a trick question?!” They somehow thought they’d won it by three rounds! Their [Goodwin Boxing’s] social media said everyone at ringside felt Robinson won, but they clearly only asked their people!

But listen to this: Sean’s mum and dad were in the crowd with John’s lot, and they turned round and said their boy lost. That’s his mum and dad. I was rung up by two people telling me they were sat with his mum and dad and they thought Sean lost!

If Robinson really thinks he won that fight, give John a rematch. I bet he don’t. He’ll swerve him like the plague. He will not touch John. Sean knows he got beat convincingly Saturday night.


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Sean Robinson spoke to Adam Thorn

Gary Dawson (John Brennan’s trainer) spoke to Chris Waddams


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