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Saturday , November 27 2021
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Well well well.

Joe Joyce ghosts away from the BBBofC ordered British Title fight with Daniel Dubois and the fans have no time to lament as Nathan Gorman almost immediately signs up for July 13th instead.

This is potentially a better fight in the ring and certainly as a spectacle, given the paucity of charisma shared by Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois. Nathan Gorman might not be an adonis, but the man can fight, and offers a more varied, less predictable test for DDD over the twelve stanzas provided to decide the British Heavyweight Title.

The Southpaw Jab writers have thought long and hard about how they see the fight going (well, hard and fast anyway). Here are our early picks for this fantastic, brave bit of matchmaking in a very even contest. Or is it?

Matt Lewis

At a time when the focus is, quite rightly, on the world-level heavyweight match ups that are failing to materialise, Daniel Dubois vs Nathan Gorman at the O2 Arena in July is another reminder that the domestic heavyweight scene is more than capable of producing meaningful fights. And what a fight this is; two unbeaten contenders facing one-another in their youthful prime; one a devastating power-puncher (who can box) and the other a skilful, natural boxing talent (who can punch).

There really isn’t much in it; when pushed I probably edge towards Dubois. Although his pro experience is dwarfed by that of Gorman’s, his year boxing as an amateur for England have made him well drilled, if a little robotic at times. Natural advantages in both height and reach will work to his favour if he uses them, and his fearsome punch power will be a factor from the start. The longer contest will favour Gorman who has tasted the championship rounds once before, so expect Dubois to look to finish matters by around the halfway mark, and do so shortly thereafter. This, it should be remembered, would be no small achievement if he manages it.

Dominic Hadi

This is a huge fight with two young heavyweights who Frank Warren clearly believes in by putting it in the o2 a week before Mathroom host Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas at the same venue, not too mention the build-up to the reveal and subsequent social media promo straight after the announcement.

Gorman states that Dubois is “stiff”, “robotic” and alludes to past sparring sessions between the two where he claims to have gotten the better of him. Both fighters went ten rounds with the veteran Kevin Johnson so we know they have the tanks. At twenty-one and twenty-two years old this could be the set up to an epic saga between the two, showing that British heavyweight boxing continues to go from strength to strength. Personally, I cannot wait to see the power of Dubois go up against the relentlessness of Gorman and I’m expecting an exciting fight.

Chris Waddams

This is the first true test for both men and an intriguing fight for the British Heavyweight Title. It can come down to boxer vs puncher with Gorman having the slicker style and Dubois powering through his opponents. If I had to make a choice I’d say Dubois gets the win. Potentially an uncommon points win for Dubois, where he will have to show more to his style than he ever has previously.

Adam Thorn

This is a fight which reminds me of Chisora vs Fury (the first one). Skill pitted against power, on paper. I’m pleased it is happening because I like watching both, and I find Gorman an entertaining listen. The personality black hole created by a Joyce and Dubois presser could be more damaging than a mess up (or success, I’m not really sure how it works but the tabloids made it sound SCARY) at the Large Hadron Collider.

Fortunately we have Nathan to spit lyrics while Daniel sits like a deaf-mute at a rave. However fights feed on fists, not words. Dubois has two powerful levellers, and while I have no doubt Gorman will be motivated, they’re two different beasts, hard to compare. If Gorman doesn’t have everything about him, which we may know more about nearer the fight, I have to go with Daniel Dubois as my early favourite, but I have a niggling feeling I’m wrong. I’ll blatantly flip flop as July 13th nears…


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