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Come Rain Or Shine, Fury is on the Warpath

Barry Smith was at the Tyson Fury press conference for Southpaw Jab yesterday, ahead of Fury’s return to action this Saturday. Here’s his report.

by Barry Smith

Cast shadows over a Manchester sky as the Tyson Fury press conference looms. Southpaw Jab are there. There’s an uncertainty in the weather, will it rain or will those big dark clouds part and let that sun through? In a way it could be a metaphor for how today’s conference could go. Which Tyson will we get? After a slight delay and then Mr Fury taking his seat at the table, it’s clear which version of him has turned up. The real Tyson, the smiling, happy but yet very respectful version has turned up.

No need for trash talking; Tyson was here and most of all he seemed happy to be sat in front of the media. If you’re wondering, yes, the sun that was hiding before was now out in full swing and warming the temperature in the room. After a very brief introduction by John Rawling, about how Frank Warren had brought a big fight back to Manchester, followed by a few words from Frank Warren himself it was over to Tyson.

The Manchester favourite opened up in typical fashion by bizarrely comparing himself to a gold fish that had been trapped in a tank and released into a river where he belongs, “just watch me swim” was one quip that brought chuckles as he spoke on. After stating that he had more then a thousand days out of the ring and ballooning up to twenty seven and a half stone, it was obvious the amount of work he had put in. Now weighing around nineteen stone seven, and in his words, “looking good” he looked every bit if not better then the time he beat Klitschko.

When asked about his time out of the ring Fury’s response was to tell us all that he had done well over three hundred rounds of sparring and felt that he’d, “done pretty well”. It’s at this point it became obvious that Seferi was perfectly matched by the powers that be. You can almost envision a conversation that states, “he’s to small for Fury,and will be a dealt with, but he has enough about him to brush the cobwebs off”. Seferi himself looked nice and relaxed and didn’t seem to understand the compliments Tyson had paid him. When asked about his opponent, he spoke through an interpreter saying that he, “respected Tyson…but didn’t come to lose and he has the power to hurt Fury”

Of course he said this, what else could anybody in that position say? This was still music to Tyson’s ears has he stated that he, “picked Seferi for his toughness”, and that he needs the rounds. All in all the press conference was mostly about Tyson and if we’re being honest he should deal with Seferi pretty much at will, but the amount of media present and the general feeling in the room by both the media and Tyson’s camp was that we are all about to witness a fantastic journey, one that starts with a mediocre fight and finishes in perhaps 2 or so years when he finally gets that AJ match up. The bet is that Matchroom will watch from a distance and keep throwing the red herring of Tony Bellew out to protect their prized asset, until the price is right, of course.


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