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Garton’s Hand Speed: My Favourite Fight

Funnily enough I got into boxing in a big way through SouthPaw Jab. (Lip service works!- ED)

In my brief time following this beautiful sport, my favourite fight has to be Johnny Garton beating Nelson Altamirano by KO. At that point I really didn’t understand much about boxing, all I knew was that Johnny Garton’s hand speed and quick jab were far superior. He then caped it all off by finishing the fight in the 3rd with a KO.

I think I enjoyed this fight most because the week after, I met Johnny at Millwall. I’m a huge Millwall fan. He walked around with his belt, I shook his hand and congratulated him; but then told him how bad his eye looked! He took it well, and asked what I thought the Millwall score would be. Although intimidating, Garton is a great guy, he came across well. Meet your heroes- Johnny came across so well.


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