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“I get tense but I rely on it. I need it” Dan Morley Interview

Danny Little might be on the road but he’s no push over, boasting a high work rate which can startle prospects- giving him seven wins so far.

Dan Morley is only twenty two, but has a boxing brain wiser and sharper than his years might suggest. Last month not only did the 4-0 novice outfox Danny Little, he had him wobbling and looking for a way out. It was an impressive display from Morley. He picked his punches well and showed slick reflexes in close, giving his work a cleanliness which will hold him in good stead with the judges going forward. Reflecting on the fight he tells me,

“I think I would have stopped him over six, I could have kept the pace, maybe a bit of a struggle but I could have done it”

In the wake of his victory Dan spoke to Southpaw Jab, he was forthcoming, friendly and refreshingly open about his burgeoning career. Morley is building off a solid base in the amateurs, although he says his style was previously more geared to the paid sport. That approach has changed now he’s switched codes,

“I was more of a pro fighter, head forward and so on, walk you down, but now I fight more like an amateur! I had 26 fights- won about, 18. I got to National finals, won the London’s… no one had an easy fight with me, they were all pretty much tear ups to be honest.”

Having had two years away from the ring following his time as an amateur, Dan is enjoying reconnecting with the sport through Adam Martin, his coach at 12 Rounds in Clapham. Though he finds paid prizefighting still has its challenges, it is clear he loves the sport,

“I like fighting, but I’ve never enjoyed the process of it; nerves and what have you. Once I got used to it I started to get the buzz. I still get tense but I rely on it. I need it. I like it when I’m fighting, just not the bit before the fight.”

War willing!

There is, of course, also the issue of beating someone up for a living and Dan has an anecdote which perfectly surmises that,

“On my debut I got chatting to a guy at the weigh in, it turned out he was my opponent! We had a good chat and then our fight was delayed when we were in in the ring. We continued chatting! I got my head into it of course, but it goes to show boxers don’t all hate one another. The abnormality of the occasion, fighting in front of hundreds or thousands of people, you have a deep respect after.”

Currently without a promoter, though he says Adam Martin “looks after” him well, Dan shares a gym with a man who recently became English champion after a close loss at Southern Area level. Morley is chuffed for light heavyweight training mate Kirk Garvey. Pipped on the cards by Andre Sterling in November, Garvey put that defeat behind him, going straight back in and taking Miles Shinkwin’s English belt a few weeks ago.

Take a look at our picture special of Shinkwin vs Garvey: courtesy of Unknown Boxers

“I think Andre outworked Kirk that night, Kirk is good, very good, but something weren’t right and Andre just put it on him. Since then, Kirk’s been putting the work in, looking good, got the fire. He’s there before the 7am start!.. I’m really happy his perseverance has paid off and hopefully he can push on and springboard to big fights consistently.”

Where his own career is headed, Dan is honest and amusingly open about, “I dunno- I like top level boxing. I like the WBC and watching GGG, so that’s where my dreams are but back in reality I just enjoy boxing. I just want to keep going, keep improving and enjoying it.

I was gutted HBO went bust, would have loved to be on one of their cards!”

If Dan Morely continues to improve, who’s to say where his career will take him. His personality will certainly take him far, and his work ethic cannot be questioned, “I’ve got about ten jobs because of boxing” he says, and is lucky to also be well sponsored.

April 6th should see Morley step up to six rounds, and Southpaw Jab wishes him all the best, and will look forward to talking to him again.

Dan is out again at York Hall on 6th April, for tickets via CLICK HERE

Follow Dan- Twitter: @MorleyDaniel    Instagram: @danielmorely97

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