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Just days away from her shot at the vacant IBO World Lightweight Title, unbeaten Swedish native Lucy Wildheart, 5-0 (2), talked to Southpaw Jab about her ticket to the big time. Now based in Hornchurch, Lucy has the opportunity to buy in to a division increasingly monopolised by a certain Irish star.

On June 14th Wildheart will face French native Estelle Mossely, 4-0 (1), in Cherbourg. It is not an easy fight, as one would hope given a major world title is on offer, but to the victor the spoils allow much more glory and gilded leather straps. Lucy is calm, telling me camp and confidence are no obstacle,

“I am so confident for this one that my nerves are really good. I have ever been happier than I am now, and it’s making me very excited in a properly good way.

I can’t complain. My whole life is a camp kind of! I have had a long camp as we were working for another big fight that got cancelled and then this one has shown up straight after.

As I love training, long camps are perfect for me. My training schedule is very well planned into details, meaning all parts are covered. It is very important making sure I become better, step by step, every week.”

What kind of sparring does a female fighter get I wondered, are there any fractions, loyalty divides or the bitterness which occasionally poison the men’s code? Is sparring still good and easy to access?

“Yes, I am sparring GB girls. I am also sparring with my trainer- where he can guide me at the same time. I am very lucky!

I haven’t thought much about it [the divisions in the XX code]. And I haven’t been in a gym where this has been a problem.”

Asked about Estelle Mossley, Lucy says that isn’t her focus, she is,

“I focus on myself rather than her. She definitely knows how to box and has got lots of experience. Professional boxing is a tough game and it is always exciting to watch boxing and what can happen in that ring. I wish her the best of luck.

I am winning it. Whatever it takes.”

Surefire, solid, secure, Wildheart’s name belies a more cold and focused interior. Where does she see her future? Promoter Al Siesta proclaimed Lucy’s talent was enough to challenge division ruler Katie Taylor one day. How does Lucy feel about this?

“Everything is possible. I have no problem facing anyone, I am on this journey to be the best version of myself, I do my job in the gym and in the ring, and it is up to my team to decide who or when I am going to fight. This [Mossley] fight definitely takes me closer to that opportunity.”

A hugely controversial fight between Katie Taylor and Delfine Persoon last weekend saw Taylor walk away with the last of the four usually acknowledged, five main belts. Lucy may hold the last piece of the lightweight puzzle after June 14th, but her thoughts on the Taylor result?

“I am with Chantelle Cameron on this one, thought Persoon got it.”

Alongside training, with a few other in and out of the ring heroes, Lucy raised money for the hugely important Ringside Rest and Care Home fund. If you don’t know what this is, it is a way caring for former fighters by giving them appropriate care and company when they most need it in later life. It is not only something for fans, it is something as humans we should be helping.

Wildheart, Jeffy Ofori and Jumaane Camero led a rather braver line than us mere mortals,

“Last weekend, David Birmingham, Jeff Ofori, Jumaane Camero and I did a Skydive led by Mr. Andrew Fairley for the charity Ringside Rest and Care Home. We raised more than £5000. I am very proud of jumping out that plane three miles high. And I wasn’t even nervous.”

Nerves of steel, wildfire engulfing her and ice in her veins: who’d be Estelle Mossley?

To know more and donate to this brilliant cause, click here.

Lucy says she will let people know about any update on broadcast of her fight. Stay tuned for the latest by following her Twitter and click here


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