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RESULTS TIME! #TeamSouthpawJab Predictions League: Week One

The results are in from the first week of the #TeamSouthpawJab prediction league and it’s a mixed bag of success for our fighters and writers!

Joshua vs Parker

No one predicted Joshua to win on points in any form (UD/SP/MD) but we all backed the Brit to win via a KO at some point, so everyone scored one point from that fight!

Povetkin vs Price

Zaiphan Morris and Ricky Heavens predicted Povetkin to KO price in the 5th so they both scored 3 points for that result! Marcus J. Richardson and Ollie Pattison both went with their hearts rather than their heads and predicted a David Price KO win, so neither get any points for this one (but if the third had been 30 seconds longer they could have been laughing into their CoCo Pops this morning reading this!). Everyone else predicted a Povetkin KO win but in different rounds so scored 2 points.

Burnett vs Parejo

No one backed Parejo to win so everyone scores points here, apart from Fabio Wardley who didn’t give a prediction for this fight and doesn’t get any points! There were KO predictions for Burnett from Arron Phelps-Gardiner, Tommy Murphy and Ricki Gayati so they all scored 1 point. We also gave 2 points to Ollie Pattison who said Burnett would win on points but didn’t say whether it was by UD/SD/MD so he was penalised for it! Everyone else predicted a UD win for Burnett so they get 3 points.

Kelly vs Molina

Mixed bag here! There were several predictions for Kelly to get a KO win and several for Kelly to win on points. Everyone gets points on this result though! Chris Waddams, Matt Lewis, Anthony Robotham, Fabio Wardley, Arron Phelps-Gardiner, Zaiphan Morris and Ricky Heavens all predicted a KO win for Kelly so get 1 point. We had our first unique “out there” prediction on this fight as well, when Adam Thorn predicted Kelly would win via a DQ so only picks up 1 point for his brave efforts. Again Ollie Pattison is his own worst enemy by not giving a UD/SD/MD and only saying “points”, so he picks up 2 points. Everyone else went for a UD point win for Kelly and get 3 points for this result!

The prediction league table after week 1:


Week 2’s fights:

For the second weeks fights we are going state side! The fights to predict are as follows:

  • Erisslandy Lara vs Jarrett Hurd
  • Caleb Traux vs James DeGale
  • Sergio Mora vs Alfredo Angulo

Fighters and writers predictions will be posted on Friday!


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