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RESULTS TIME! #TeamSouthpawJab Predictions League: Week Three - Southpaw Jab
Saturday , November 27 2021
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RESULTS TIME! #TeamSouthpawJab Predictions League: Week Three

Rolling into week three and another mixed bag of results! With points earned ranging from 1 point to 5, and no one got all the results correct!

Higa vs Rosales

We’ll start with the easy bit, every one predicted Higa to win, so no one got points for Rosales beating him!

Bowen vs Hughes

Everyone predicted Bowen to win except for Jack Noone, who actually submitted his predictions too late for the Bowen Hughes fight, but was honest and said he would have backed Hughes to win anyway. No one got the correct round but several people predicted a stoppage win, so there’s two points for Anthony Robotham, Hannah Rankin, Chris Waddams, Ollie Pattison and Zaiphan Morris. Everyone else predicted a points victory for Bowen so they get one point!

Murata vs Blandamura

Everyone predicted Murata to win so points all round! Only two person got the result on the nose and they were Ricky Heavens and Zaiphan Morris so they score a full three points for that prediction! Others who predicted a stoppage win but didn’t get the correct round are Anthony Robotham, Fabio Wardley, George Storr, Chris Waddams, Ollie Pattison, Jack Hughes, Tommy Murphy and Adam Thorn. Everyone else gets one point for their points victory for Murata predictions.

And here is the league table after the fights in week three:


Next weeks fights are:

  • Carl Frampton vs Nonito Donaire – interim WBO World Featherweight title
  • Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco
  • Jesus Cuellar vs Gervonta Davis – WBA Super World Super-Featherweight Title


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