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RESULTS TIME! #TeamSouthpawJab Predictions League: Week Two

Week two of the Team Southpaw Jab Prediction League’s results are in, and at a quick glance only one of us got all three winners correct! So well done Ricky Heavens who was this weeks top scorer with 7 points! Our Guest expert Noel Callan scored a modest 3 points, which seemed to be the average score made this week. Zaiphan Morris scored the fewest points this week, only getting 1 point. Here’s a little breakdown:

Lara vs Hurd:

Only Ollie Pattison, Aaron Phelps-Gardiner, Zaiphan Morris and Ricky Heavens backed Hurd to win, but none of them predicted the Split decision result. Ricky came closest with his UD prediction and scored two points, where as Ollie, Zaiphan and Aaron predicted a Hurd stoppage win so only get one point. The rest predicted a Lara victory and if it wasn’t for the knock down in the 12th they could have all been the happy ones today!

Truax vs DeGale:

Aaron Phelps-Gardiner is the only person to get no points from this result! Everyone else predicted a DeGale points victory so get at least 2 points. Ricky Heavens, Matt Lewis, Jack Noone, Jack Hughes, Tommy Murphy, Marcus J Richardson, George Storr and Hannah Rankin all predicted a UD so get three points.

Mora vs Angulo:

Very mix bag here for the first wild card prediction! Ollie Pattison, Matt Lewis, George Storr and Hannah Rankin all predicted a Angulo win in some form so score zero points. Everyone else predicted a Mora win so score at least a point. Marcus J. Richardson and Noel Callan predicted a Mora stoppage so only gets one point whereas Aaron Phelps-Gardiner was the only one to get the result on the nose with a SD and gets three. Everyone else scored 2 points for predicting a points win in some form for Mora

Here’s the table after the second week:

The big winner was Ricky Heavens who got points on all the results this week, jumping from 4th to 1st! The big loser out of those who took part is Zaiphan Morris who dropped from a lofty 5th last week to 11th this week! Ricki Gayati and Fabio Wardley didn’t take part so have it all to do now, although Fabio technically “moved up” the league without even participating but keeps the 15th position by default. Not great starts for Hannah and her coach Noel, but at least they’re on the same wavelength with their point totals…

Next weeks fights are:

  • Sam Bowen vs Maxi Hughes – British Super-Featherweight title
  • Daigo Higa vs Cristofer Rosales – WBC World Flyweight title
  • Ryota Murata vs Emanuele Felice Blandamura – WBA Regular World Middleweight title


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