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Stevenson and Jack Go to War In Toronto - Southpaw Jab
Saturday , November 27 2021
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Stevenson and Jack Go to War In Toronto

Kane Heron vs Ivan Alvarez

Kane Heron, home fighter and unbeaten hope fought Kevin McCauley on the undercard of Nick Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr in 2016. Fun fact. He stepped up in class over a scheduled eight rounds against Ivan Alvarez at super welterweight, and the switch hitting pair provided a good opener for the SKY show. Alvarez seemed comfortable considering his underdog status after a wobbly run of form.

Although rougher and tougher, Alvarez was not as classy as the younger man facing him. As rounds wore on however he was getting braver, visibly hurting Heron, hunting him down and making him look for solace in vain. It was a close fight, very close in which frankly Heron struggled, but prospects have these nights, especially with steps up. A majority draw slightly unfair on the away fighter.

76-76, 74-78 (Alvarez), 76-76 – a majority draw.

Oscar Rivas vs Herve Hubeaux

NABF Heavyweight Championship

Forgettable heavyweight clash. There was a winner but it certainly wasn’t the viewer.

Rivas took a unanimous decision.

Adonis Stevenson vs Badou Jack

WBC World Light Heavyweight Title

In his last five fights Jack had a draw, win by majority decision, split decision, unanimous decision and by stoppage. These were, despite the veritable smorgasbord of letters, all good results. However the feeling remains that he lets too many rounds pass him by and that costs him, even if this was another good fight for the spectator. Adonis began trying to get the correct footing to move that left into position to detonate but Jack landed better shots toward the end of the first.

However, Adonis had the better of it early on, and for that time, with Jack seemingly coasting a bit, it wasn’t a brilliant fight. Jack was walking onto Stevenson’s left too much, and at the end of the sixth threw a less than subtle low blow, which he was admonished for. But then Badou began to bang, landing meaty uppercuts, and an eye catching combo in the seventh appeared to fluster Adonis.

Superman was blowing between seven and eight and the feeling was that he may fade after what was a great Badou round. The eighth saw Jack turn the screw further, sending Adonis back to his corner bloodied and looking a little lost. But then the Haitian Canadian recalibrated, repurposing that powerful left to bodysnatching; and he began to tear up the man known as The Ripper. The fight came alive, as then Jack seemed in desperate trouble; visibly wincing and gulping for air.

Both men having upped their workload, the fight descended into a shootout, and was nothing short of fantastic entertainment, with the warriors and worthy champions each looking ready to go at any one time. Jack’s body language at end of eleventh was much more upright and confident, but who could write off Adonis after what he’d shown so far? This was suddenly a fight you don’t want to end as a spectator.

But end it must, and that was no less dramatic. Combatants fatigued, clinching set in. Credit to the referee, Ian John Lewis, who broke them up time and time again, even taking a shot himself at one point to do so. Suddenly, with ten seconds left, Badou Jack broke from the clinch, the tide and from tradition so late in a fight, unleashing lefts and rights like he was on the pads to his opponent’s jaw. However hard he tried to hold now, Stevenson was lucky there were only seconds left, as he sagged and looked done for the night. It was fair that he made the bell, but was the result fair?

Well, this is boxing, and whether it was fair depends on you, it simply “is”, now. Scores of 114-114, 115-113 Jack, 114-114 were read out. A majority draw, which means Stevenson takes the belts, despite garnering fewer points from the fight. Forgetting whether you thought the scores were fair, which would be a valid argument too, majority draws are a baffling outcome to this writer. However, the fight was dynamite and hopefully will be replayed, and were it to be almost certainly doesn’t go the distance. Fantastic fun for the fan.


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