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Having recently held on to his Southern Area Super Welterweight Title against John Brennan in a draw which both teams disagreed with, next up for Sean Robinson is a night of fights in the entertaining Ultimate Boxxer series. The super welterweight field also includes two Team Southpaw Jab fighters; Aaron Collins and “Hollywood” Josh Ejakpovi– who Robinson beat on points to win said title back in March of this year.

Ultimate Boxxer 5 has a strong competition field and supporting card to boot (Linus Udofia and Florian Marku are fantastic talents, keep an eye out for them). Sean agreed to talk to me ahead of his appearance, and I begin with the logical jumping off point, that draw with Brennan. An even result which appeased neither boxer- as our piece on their immediate post fight thoughts shows. I wasn’t at the show, but I watched it on YouTube with a boxer friend (who had no allegiances), we both thought Sean was the winner. Such is life boxing, though.

Don’t take my word for it, see the fight for yourself and make up your own mind.

Sean explains that the draw has taught him a thing or two which he’ll be able to use on 20th September.

“In the Brennan fight I actually thought I boxed well, it was a brilliant learning fight for me at my age and it’s put me in good stead for this competition. I’ll have to make sure I start sharp in Ultimate Boxxer as I’ve only got three rounds to do my work.”

The Southern Area Title is now vacant, with Robinson proud to have worn it, but excited to move on.

“It’s a great title to win I want to push on… this tournament has a lot of attention and although it’s a risk, I hopefully can show a wider audience what I am about.”

I wonder if a stylist such as Sean might struggle with the three round format. It turns out I’m not the only one to ask, and Robinson is clearly prepared for three, three, threes: coyly telling me in response,

“Lots of people have said that, but I’ve had six weeks to prepare myself physically and mentally so I know when it comes to the night I will be be prepared for the format and I will make it work in my favour.”

The draw  has paired Lewis Syrett against Sean in the quarter finals, a fighter he describes as a, “solid unbeaten opponent”. Implying to me that fight one, and indeed the whole night, is all about keeping winning, whatever he has to use from his skill set “I’m just gonna get in there with the goal of winning the fight and progressing through to the semi finals… My goal for the night is not just to slug my way through but to box and show my skills off, however if I need to dig in I know I have that in my locker as I have showed that in my previous two fights.”

I’m a fan not a fanatic and like to think of myself as honest about both my loyalties and judgements. I always hope that the best man on the night wins, I always hope to see that regardless of my allegiances. Every report I got from Robinson’s victory over Ejakpovi (VE day!) was that it was thoroughly deserved. Having faced our Southpaw Jab man once, I ask how Sean’s win over Hollywood affects his opinion of Josh’s chances in the tournament. The reply is complimentary,

“Josh is an awkward fighter, especially over three rounds, I’m happy we are on the opposite side of the draw so if we both win we will meet in the final- I think the odds of that happening are very likely. I don’t feel I received enough credit when beating him so hopefully he can show people what he’s got on the night and people will realise how good of a win it was for me, then I’ll hopefully beat him again haha!”

Dignified and confident traits are endearing in a boxer. Although occasionally pissed off and aggressive are fun, too. Getting to the final would also mean beating Aaron Collins- Sean could enjoy an evening of ruining Southpaw Jab fighters’ nights. Empirical evidence shows that there’s no reason he shouldn’t, although the fun in Ultimate Boxxer is its ruining of form and evidence.

Every fighter thinks they’ll win, and every fighter in a competition like this should believe they’re going to win, to finish I ask Sean one of my favourite questions; what do you do to celebrate?

“If I win I’m gonna have a holiday unless a bigger opportunity arises which could happen- these tournaments can leap frog you into title contention.”

The super welterweight Ultimate Boxer is one I will watch through my fingers, with so many fighters I want to triumph involved. It will be exciting without doubt. May the best man win. The fun starts here.

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