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Unknown Boxers: Art of the Sweet Science - Southpaw Jab
Saturday , November 27 2021
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Unknown Boxers: Art of the Sweet Science

Denzel Bentley in action: Another great pic by Scott

SCOTT RAWSTHORNE: Last year I started Unknown Boxers, a social media platform that uses my high-end photography skills to document the careers of small hall professional and amateur boxers, as they strive to become champions.

So far my work has had a great response, and I’m hoping to expand my growing client list, which includes MTK Global, British Warriors, Double Jab Boxing club and Peacock Gym.

Through my work, I want to help Unknown Boxers become known to a broader audience. Here are some of my favourite shots, and a little about each one.

Goodwin promotions – 24th Nov – York Hall

Sam Gilley KO’s, Ryan Toms. My favourite celebratory image from 2018. Sam’s face may not be in view, but his tensed posture coupled with Rod Julian and the crowd’s reaction says it all.

British Warriors – Nov 3rd – York Hall

Andre Sterling Vs Kirk Garvey for the Southern Area Light Heavy title. What a fight! When two boxers put on a performance as they did, I purposely shoot low angles, so they look bigger and more heroic in the frame. In this case, they look like giants.

MTK Global – Nov 17th – Brentwood Centre

Kaan Hawes Vs Jordan Grannum. I love the way Kaan and Jordan are landing big punches at the exact same moment. For me, it captures the unrelenting raw energy of two active fighters.

Queensbury Boxing League – July 1st 2018 – Copthorne Hotel

Ricky Alan Topping Vs (Unknown). For me, this image embodies the primal energy of professional boxing. After suffering a knockdown, Ricky Alan Topping got up and screamed at his opponent- war face style!

Get in touch with Scott through Instagram & Twitter: @unknown_boxers


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