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My sweetest friend, boxing, is someone else

But I am still right here.

There is a very valid argument that boxing completely ignore the recent YouTube “stars” fight on a Matchroom card news. The argument goes that boxing doesn’t give this debacle any airtime at all. I’m certainly understanding of that, but all that evil needs to thrive is for good men to say nothing. We at Southpaw Jab are boxing fans, we support fighters, we recognise their blood, sweat and even more their constant rage against the machine of boxing in order to live outside of it.

This match up is, in my opinion, a slap in the face to proper pugilists. I refuse to name (most of) the participants in this horror show.

Let’s get this straight: these people are not professional fighters, their idea of rage is an angry social media comment.

Yes they’re getting paid. Yes they’re fighting. Ask yourself if this is boxing, though, really.

I almost told my beloved friend Chris that I was done with boxing at the tail end of 2018. Too many dodgy decisions and too much money at the top end while my mates, Team Southpaw Jab and many more, comparatively starve, had me withered and bitter. Tyson Fury was only robbed on the cards- he went home rich. During the Lomachenko vs Campbell fight instead of explaining how great the event was, I spent it flailing around attempting to divulge the madness of our sport to my friends.


How dare Eddie Hearn and Matchroom take boxing to such lows when so many men and women actually live this life and get nothing or at best very little. I’m sure these people have worked very hard to be YouTube stars, but their white collar fight in January 2018 was their pinnacle. Or should have been, if if hadn’t outsold Matchroom’s “British Beef” Okolie vs Chamberlain fight on the same night. Nah, fuck it, turn it off.

I paid to see British Beef. It was a terrible main event (the card was entertaining) but I’ve also seen the debacle these blokes made millions of “new fans” suffer through. This fight is, without even a pretence of honesty, a cynical money grab and it belittles the real pugilistic professionals rumoured to be on the card. The people who suffer will be shortchanged again. Here’s my car and my house, you can live in that too.

It does nothing for the casual, this “fight”. It won’t attract real fans to boxing, no matter what they tell you. It’ll mean more of these events which make money for guess who. This devalues real fighters’ worth. It ruins their work, their livelihood. If this sells, which it will, does that money trickle down to the now belittled boxers under the same banner? Does it fuck.

What’s next? Eddie doing his benevolent bit for the women’s sport by promoting a bout between two girls and one cup?

The fight is in America, which explains how it got sanctioned. I’ve worked with the BBBofC and for all their weaknesses they’re overall fairly sensible.

Am I being a stick in the mud? Eddie Hearn and Matchroom will say yes, this is the new sound, others too no doubt. Move with the times, they’ll say, it’s just like the old sound. Je protest. This isn’t moving with the times, it is moving with the money with no regard for our sport’s already paper thin reputation. As someone who previously had a lot of respect for Matchroom, I’m disgusted and as a boxing fan, frankly, I’m ashamed too.

I won’t drop this. You can hate me now, I can’t stop now. I am still right here.


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