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2019 Prospects to Watch

We’ve done our look back at 2018, with the Southpaw Jab Awards, so let’s look forward to 2019! This is my list of boxing prospects I believe you should all keep an eye out for. As always there are certain rules I have put on myself for this list and …

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Don’t Get Ready, Stay Ready: Jerome Campbell Interview

As the chants of “we don’t get ready, we stay ready!” rang noisily around York Hall, Jerome “Stay Ready” Campbell went into the fourth and final round of his fight with Jamie Speight. Former Southern Area Featherweight champion, Speight, despite being on the road now, is no fool. After three …

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Are You Not Entertained

Mixed success for the Southpaw Jab team was but a drop in the boxing ocean of a great Goodwin supply of leather on skin action. It’s my article, I’ll use that metaphor. One of three title fights- Deion Jumah‘s inevitable stoppage of Ossie Jervier was great fun if you weren’t …

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